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CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version with New Adapters Set 6HP & 8HP / MSV90 / N55 / N20 / B48/ B58 and MPC5XX Adapter

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2 FC200: FC200 with Solder free & MPC5XX adapter CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version with New Adapters Set 6HP & 8HP / MSV90 / N55 / N20 / B48/ B58 and MPC5XX Adapter
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Product Description

This bundle package include follow 3 items:
CG FC200 ECU Programmer
Adapters for CG AT200 FC200  for 6HP 8HP MSV90 N55 N20 B48 B58 B38 etc
CG FC200 MPC5XX Adapter for BOSCH MPC5xx Supports EDC16/ ME9.0/ MED9.1/ MED9.5
 CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version with New Adapters Set 6HP & 8HP / MSV90 / N55 / N20 / B48/ B58 and MPC5XX Adapter 

This bundle package include follow 3 items:
  • CG FC200 ECU Programmer
  • Adapters for CG AT200 FC200  for 6HP 8HP MSV90 N55 N20 B48 B58 B38 etc
  • CG FC200 MPC5XX Adapter for BOSCH MPC5xx Supports EDC16/ ME9.0/ MED9.1/ MED9.5


1. Protect Original Car Parts
More than 98% of ECUs support BENCH mode and OBD mode, no need to open the cover and punch holes to protect the original car.  

2. Intelligent Recognition
The "identification" function can help users better diagnose whether the ECU module is communicating and check whether the wiring is wrong. If the ECU module can communicate without damage and the wiring is correct, the recognition can be successful, and the chip information, hardware information and firmware information can be read out.
3.Module Clone
Supports ECU data reading and writing and module cloning, no synchronization matching, no online programming, data sub-regional burning, automatic verification, and maximum protection of chips and modules.

4. ISN Read and Write
Supports engine computer ISN code acquisition for all BMW series (including Mini), which is convenient for key matching and anti-theft maintenance.
5.VIN modification
Solve the problem of double VIN or VIN mismatch of vehicles, which is convenient for vehicle maintenance.

6. Data Processing
Support engine computer data analysis and modification for Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen models;
Support the shutdown of Bosch MED/EDC17 series engine computer anti-theft system;
Support the TPROT off function of Bosch VAG MEDC17 series, BMW/Mini MEVD17/EDC17 series, Hyundai/Kia EDC17/MED(G)17 series.

7. FC200 not only support BMW ECU but also support over three thousands of ECUs like KTAG, Kess, Dimsport etc.
Check FC200 Support ECU List

8. Multi-Language: English, French and Simplified Chinese
For Spanish, Polish Turkish and Traditional Chinese, will need to pay $130 Language Change Service to get authorized seperately with serial number.

9. Full Version with All License Activated. 
Free Update Online for One Year. Annual Fee will be $200/year after the first year.

10. With FC200 MPC5XX Adapter in Package, Support BOSCH MPC5xx platform mode ECU: MED9.1, MED9.5, MED9.5.10, ME9.0, EDC16CP31, EDC16CP35, EDC16C2, EDC16C8

11. With New Adapters Set No Need Disassembly in Package:
Adapters Including: 6HP & 8HP, MSV90, N55, N20, B48/B58, B38, 271KE Adaper, 271DE Adapter.
(With this adapter set, you won't need the old B48/B58 cable anymore).

CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version with New Adapters Set 

FC200 Software Free Download Link, please download here when you get the package.
Here is User Manual for your reference too.

FC200 Latest Update Information:

V1.1.8.0  Registered Version (2024.02.01)
1. Added Hyundai/Kia TCU: TC60.x.x
2. M7/ME7/M17 ST10F725/6 ECU adds the function of turning off the anti-theft system
3. GM E80 adds BOOT mode
4. BMW's new ECUs: MEVD17.8.4, ME17.2.42
5. Peugeot/Citroen MED17.4.2 TC1767 new platform mode
6. EDC17C84 adds the function of modifying VIN
1. Fix the problem that some MD1CS089 cannot start the car after reading and writing data.
2. Fix the problem of Mercedes-Benz 9GT TCU cloning failure
3. Fix the problem of failure to write PFlash in GM 6T/6L gearbox
4. Fix GPEC2A and other unrecognized problems
5. Fix the problem that some ECUs such as EDC16C1 and EDC16CP35 fail to write to ExtFlash.
6. Volkswagen MED9.1 MPC563/4 supplementary wiring diagram
7. Hyundai/Kia EDC17CP14 corrected reading password wiring diagram
8. Volkswagen MED17.5 platform mode supplements other wiring diagrams
9. IVECO EDC17C69 supplementary wiring diagram

FC200 V1.1.7.0 Registered Version (2023.11.24)
1.Add Volvo Electric Equipment ECU: MB279700-9500, MB279700-9801, MB279700-9811
2.Add Audi ECU: Simos8.4x, Simos12.x
3.New Hyundai ECU/TCU: SIM2K-240_ ECU, SIM2K-341_ TCU
4.Fix issues with some ECU cloning failures: MED17.3.1/MED17.7.2/MED117.7.3/MED17.5.5 and general Exx series, etc
5.Fix the issue of some universal ECU recognition failures: E78/E39/E39A/E80, etc
6.Lovol added ECU: EDC17CV43
7.BMW adds ECU: MEVD17.8.4
8.Added ECU for PFlash verification algorithm: MSV90, SID807EVO, EMS3110, SIM2K-240_ ECU, SIM2K-341_ TCU, Simos12. x, Simos8.4
9.Add and modify ECU for VIN: CPGDSH1.21.6, CPGDSH2.2x. x
10.Optimize the PFlash verification algorithm for DQ380
11.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

Functions of Each Adapter:

1. MSV90 Adapter:
This adapter supports ISN reading and writing and data backup and recovery of BMW MSV90 
AT200 New MSV90 Adapter

2. N20 Adapter:
This adapter supports ISN reading and writing, VIN modification and data reading and writing functions of the N20 and N13 of the F series chassis of BMW
AT200 New N20 Adapter

3. B48/B58 Adapter:
This adapter supports ISN reading and data reading and writing functions of BMW models: MG1CS003, MG1CS024 and MG1CS201.
AT200 New B48 B58 Adapter

4. 271KE Adapter & 271DE Adapter:
These two adapters support the data backup and recovery functions of Mercedes-Benz SIM 271KE and SIM 271DE
AT200 New 271KE Adapter & 271DE Adapter No Need Disassembly

5. 6HP & 8HP Adapter:
The adapter is used for the data backup and recovery function of the 6HP and 8HP EGS of BMW models.
AT200 New 6HP and 8HP Adapter No Need Disassembly
FC200-MPC5XX-P02-M230102 Adapter for BOSCH MPC5xx Read/Write Data on Bench

CG FC200-MPC5XX-P02-M230102 adapter can be used for MPC5X series clone without opening cover.

Product Functions:
Supported ECU Models: ME9.0, MED9.1, MED9.5.10, EDC16C2, EDC16CB, EDC16CP31, EDC16CP35. More models are being upgraded.

Product Features:
Adaptation without disassembly
Stable and safe
Function extension
Data loss prevention 
Real-time monitoring
Solid connection

2024 CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer 

Package list:
1pc x CGDI FC200 host
1pc x OBD cable
1pc x Jumper
1pc x USB cable
6pcs x G-type adapter cable
3pcs x F-type adapter cable
6pcs x E-type adapter cable
6pcs x D-type adapter cable
6pcs x C-type adapter cable
6pcs x B-type adapter cable

CG FC200 MPC5XX Adapter

Package List:

1pc x CGDI FC200 Host
1pc x OBD Cable
1pc x Jumper
1pc x USB Cable
6pcs x G-type Adapter Cable
3pcs x F-type Adapter Cable
6pcs x E-type Adapter Cable
6pcs x D-type Adapter Cable
6pcs x C-type Adapter Cable
6pcs x B-type Adapter Cable

FC200 Adapter Set
including: 6HP & 8HP, MSV90, N55, N20, B48/B58, B38, 271KE Adaper, 271DE Adapter
1pc x CG FC200-MPC5XX-P02-M230102 Adapter


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Tech Support

Part 1: CG FC200 vs Xhorse Multi Prog


We will show you the difference but only ECU and TCU are considered.

CG FC200 vs Xhorse Multi Prog

1.CG FC200



VAG: Simos 8.1/ 8.2/ 8.3/ 12.2

FIAT: GPEC2, GPEC3, Valeo J34P, DCU17PC42

Toyota, Mazda, Honda similar

Hyundai Kia: SIM2K_240

VAG: 8HP50/ 8HP70/ 8HP75/ 8HP90







Can’t select menu by keyboard




Also has functionality covering MCUs and EEPROMs

Free online firmware/software/database update


PSA: DCM3.5, DCM6.2A/C, DCM7.1A, DCM7.1B, Valeo V56.X, SID807

FIAT: DCM3.5, 6F3, 6JF, 8F2, 8F3, 8DF, 8GMK, 8GSF, 8GSW, 8GMW, 8GMF, 9DF, 9GF

BMW: E-Engine MSV70

Opel: 8F3, 9DF, 6JO, 602, 603, E84, E83A, E87, Denso SH7055, more Marelli

Mercedes: Delphi CRD11

Renault: SID301, SID305, SID306, SID309, EMS3134, S3000, Modus-XC164CS

Nissan: SID305/ 309/ 310, Denso D3/ D40, 23740_3Nxxx Gen1, 23740_5Sxxx Gen2, 23740_5Sxxx Gen3

Ford: DCM3.5, DCM6.1, SID209, Bosch DCU17PC43



VAG: DQ380/ 381, DQ500/ 501 Gen2, VL381, 8HP45/ 55/ 65





Menus are not arranged by alphabetical order

No checksum



CG FC200 is 200euros less than Multi Prog, but FC200 requires annual subscription that costs nearly 200euros per year. If it expires, you can’t use it anymore.

If you have FC200, don’t move to VVDI for a few more types of ECUs by paying 700euros; if you don’t have FC200, go straight to Multi Prog, you’ll save a lot.


Part 2: FC200 vs Foxflash

Item Foxflash CG FC200
Language Italian/ English/ Dutch/ French/ Spanish/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Czech/ Romanian/ Turkish English/ French/ Simplified Chinese
(Spanish/ Polish/ Traditional/ Chinese/ Turkish requires paid authorization)
Master/Slave Master Master
ECU Type Bosch/ Magneti/ Marelli/ Continental/ Denso/ Delco/ Temic/ Siemens Bosch
Mode Bench/ Boot/ BDM/ KTAG/ OBD Bench/ Boot/ OBD
ECU Search By ECU Type/Car Brand By ECU Type/Car Brand
VR File Free VR files ×
Checksum √ (Work online within update subscription)
Read/ Write ISN ×
License Car Version (Auto version): Car OBD, Truck OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG, TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear
Full Version: Car OBD, Truck OBD, Tractor OBD, Boat OBD, Motorbike OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG ,
TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear
Full Authorization
Wiring Diagram
Tuner Account ×
Free damaos ×
Clone ECU and TCU ECU only
Update Subscription No Annual Fee 125USD per year after one-year free update
Activation No Activation Provide S/N for Activation
Dongle × ×



1.Foxflash has larger coverage of ECU and TCU, while CG FC200 has larger coverage of Bosch ECU including ISN R/W

2.On language, free to switch on foxflash software, while on CG FC200 software, part of languages need paid authorization

3.CG FC200 requires yearly update subscription, and checksum is only available online within update subscription

4.Foxflash has 5 Modes (Bench Mode, Boot Mode, BDM, Jtag, OBD Mode); CG FC200 has 3 Modes (Bench Mode, Boot Mode and CAN-BUS)

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