FoxFlash Positive Review

Foxflash ECU/TCU tuning tool user feedback and reviews. 

foxflash review


EDC17Cp39 on Freelander 2 obd read write chk ok
MD1CP001 MB W213 2018y R/W OK , checksum calculated from the original file.
Dcm6.2c – r/w ok. Full or partial, all ok. It was boot mode just for testing purposes
BMW MG1CS003 Read/Write ok
Bmw edc17c06 BENCH, Read ok, Write ok, Checksum ok, car starts
Audi A3 2017 DCM6.2V VR/Write ok.
Delphi DCM6.2V VW t6 2019 vr ok read write OBD, 16 min for write
VW T6, Edc17cp20, VR ok, write ok.
Psa delphi dcm6.2a Read ok, write mod file ok
Edc17c46 R/W bench OK!
Audi MD1CS004 read + write OK
Opel zafira B 1.9cdti 150cv Edc16c39 can Read and write ok with obd
Write marelli 5af.n8 and marelli 8f2 and everything ok written and chk ok
Bmw edc17c06 bench mode read flash and eeprom+tun+cs+write Car started fine
BMW MED17.2.5 R/W Ok Seam’s like a stable & Reliable tool, very Internet dependant.
PSA EDC16C34 R/W OK Hardcut added & Car started perfectly
EDC17C64 bench R/W OK
MED9.1 bench R/W OK
EDC16C9 bench R/W OK
EDC17C11 bench R/W OK
Mercedes CRD3.10 Full bench read/write (flash+eprom) + auto checksum
Citoren 2021 MD1CS003 r/w and checksum all welldone and really fast
Fiat-Bosch-ME73H4 read flash and eeprom OK!
just received and tested edc16u34. it worked reading and writing
Clone edc15 P+ BENCH Flash & eeprom Start
BMW EDC17C41_TC1797_ Bench bed written ok
Benz Vito EDC17C66 ALL OK, checksum with WinOLS
Clone edc15c13 renault BENCH Flash&eeprom Start
Audi A4 B6 1.9TDI (My own car) EDC15P+ OBD R/W – OK
Peugeot 508 DCM 6.2A R&W OK
Bmw E61 OBD R/W and cs ok
first reading edc17c84 renault traffic 2018 reading ok
Done dcm6.2c boot , no problem. Looks like obd is working aswell but need to do cks manually
Mitsubishi L200/Shogun sport – Boot mode read/write with checksum 100%
Audi Q7 3.0 TDI 2016 stage 2 EDC17CP54 on bench r/w all fine and easy. Cheksum with Winols.
CASE Puma Edc17cv41 r/w cks ok.
Fiat Ducato 2015r Marelli 8F3 R/W by OBD EGR off
bmw f10 535d 313ps edc17cp45 – “reading” (it is VR) via OBD . No file on DB but ID is working
Sirius32 R/W Full System on bench ok! Immo off.
Tested today on bench 3x units : EDC16CP31 rw ok , MSM2 rw ok, VGS1 fcvt read-write coding ok
FORD 2011 SID807 evo obd read ok ,write mod ok . CHK MANUAL, program did not ask if it should correct or not
Edc17cp09 read/write ok chk ok
Edc17c56 read ok Bench
Toyota Denso MB175800 Works Perfectly:)
EDC17CP45 BMW X6 D40 bench reading ok
Audi A3 8V 1.6TDI 110HP 2014 – EDC17C64 OBD – Read/Write/VR – OK Checksum: WinOls
Opel corsa d DELCO E83 full mode R/W dtc off, CS ok with ori file
Test on Maxus EDC17C53 reading successful.
PSA valeo j34p Boot mode R/W ok 896kb, Via boot mode car it’s starting !!!
Edc16c34 program disable while uploading, reads ok.
Opel Vauxhall Vivaro 1.6 CDTI EDC17C84 R/W Fine Chks Fine
Reading and writing ok and without problems, EDC16C9, opel vectra 1.9 diesel
Peugeot 508 hybrid diesel dcm6.2 READ/WRITE OK
Suzuki Swift ME 17.9.6 read flash + eeprom ok
Audi A5 2.0TDI EDC17C46 Read/write all OK! Full backup bench mode Stage 1 DPF off
Bosch Med 17.5.5 VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI 160CV Bench R/W – OK
Bosch Edc 16cp34 Audi A6 3.0 233cv Bench R/W – OK
AUDI EDC17 C64 bench perfect READ AND WRITE,Checksum calculated with foxflash
Read / write EDC16cp34 2.5Tdi VW Crafter
Read / write CRD2 MB Sprinter
Read / write EDC16cp31 V6 CDI Sprinter
Read / write EDC17CP01 V6 CDI Sprinter
Read / write EDC15VM+ VW LT 2.5 TDI
All bench and all car was done on the road!
Ford Transit sid211 Read/write/cs- ok
Fiat Panda 1.3 multijet 9df full system R/W ok
Ranult clio 1.5 edc17c42 bench R/W ok
Range rover evoque medc17 bench R/W ok
Great point 1.3 multijet 6f3 full sytem R/W ok
Toyota yaris 1.4 90cv – EDC16C10 Read ok, write OK, checksum ok
Opel mokka delco E97 full system R/W ok
Citroen Berlingo 1.6 HDI 2013 – EDC17C10 Read ok, write OK, checksum ok
Opel Corsa 1.3CDTI 2008 – MJD603.S7 Bench Full – Read/Write/Checksum OK, Read Flash 4min, Write Flash 4min
Opel Vivaro edc16cp33 – ecu clone. I used 2nd type of connection on brown wire for mpc561/562
Citroen C4 1.5HDI 2019 – MD1CS003 Bench – Read/Write/Checksum and Tprot done by tool OK Read 3.00min Write 1.35min
MAN TGA EDC7C3 bench r/w ok
Citroen EDC16CP39 bench r/w ok
Opel edc17c59 BENCH Read ok, write OK, checksum ok
EDC16CP34 Audi R/W like a charm
Fiat Panda 1.3 multijet 9df full system R/W ok
Ranult clio 1.5 edc17c42 bench R/W ok
Range rover evoque medc17 bench R/W ok
Great point 1.3 multijet 6f3 full sytem R/W ok
Toyota yaris 1.4 90cv – EDC16C10 Read ok, Write ok, Checksum
Reading / Writing in OBD EDC15p Seat ibiza tdi101
Ford SID211 OBD Read / Write Perfectly
Edc16c39 fiat ducato obd R/W checksum ok
E98 Opel corsa 1.3 bench mode R/W checksum ok
Renault Espace 4 116cv EDC15c13 by OBD,ID ok, read ok, checksum by winols, write ok
Toyota Rav4 89663-42f80 Vr read Dpf off Cs ok R/W ok Writ 13 min
Opel mokka delco E98 full system R/W ok
Opel Bosch ME7.6.3 Bench reading ok
Audi a6 4g Edc17cp44 bench read and write ok
Subaru Outback 2.0D  Denso R&W Ok, DPF&EGR Off
Fiat MJT 8V IAW 5SF3 Read / Write via OBD
Fiat ME7.3H4 E4 boot read write ok
Ford Transit connect sid206 obd read/write ok
Audi A3 170 hp PPD1.2G read and write via OBD
PSA MEV17.4 clone ok checksum ok
Opel Easytronic flash R/W ok in boot mode 
Ford c max sid807evo Read and Write via obd ok Dtc off
Fiat Doblo edc16.c39 Read eprom flash on bench excellent. Dpf, egr off. Checksum by foxflash. Read time : 4 minutes write 1 minute.
Sid803A PSA full system Clone done. Read in 15min, Write in 15min,Car Start
VW Golf 6 1.6 TDI PCR2.1 Read MCU ID, ,Bench mode R/W, Online Patch unlock OBD, Checksum
Nissan Navara D40 2.5 Di ECU Denso 275800 R/W OK
BMW X3 EDC16C1 Bench mode R/W OK
Citroen C4 DCM 6.2 can R/W obd. ok
Ford Delphi DCM3.5 R/W OK in JTAGEdc17cp14 golf 6 2l tdi r/w ok by obd same file
VW Golf 7 Sportstvan 2016 1.6 tdi DCM6.2 VR R/W Stage 1 chk ok, Car goes well
Golf IV 1.4i 16v 2001 Bosch ME7.5.10 Bench full read (without open), Eeprom and Flash – Read/Write OK (No checksum option, so done in WinOls), Very Fast
BMW 420d 190cv ECU edc17c50 TC 1797 BENCH r/w OK Mod Stage 1 with Display Calibration
Mercedes w204 Edc17cp01 bench R/W Perfect
Skoda ven 9.5.10 bench R/W ok checksum ok
EDC16c3 Peugeot/Renault in BDM,read ID, read all ok, checksum, write Ext flash.
Nissan Juke 1.5 dci 110cv Ecu Siemens SID 305 tricore 1766 Micro Read/Write Boot Mode ok STG 1 DPF, EGR, DTC OFF.
Mercedes Edc17cp57 bench R/W Adblue off OK
Clone VW EDC16U34 ECU,Read Original,Write Clone,Car starts
EDC17CP06 E+F R/W OK – bench
MS42 (possible only partial) 32kb R/W ok – obd-bench with 12v
Pajero 3.2 DID – mistu boot mode full read/write with checksum
VW Passat b8 2.0 BiTDi 240km 2018r EDC17CP74 Read flash /eepprom Stg 1 Write flash Bench mode.
MB CRD3P.B0 read & write ok bench mode adblue off
Volvo v50 Sid803A Reading and writing fulsystem ok
Read full backup edc17c42 Renault traffic 1.6 dci 2015 and write stage 1 ok in bench mode
Read and write over obd works good. Magneti marelli 9df. Reading two hours, write 5 minutes.
Pcr 2.1 first flash , eeprom OK, wrIte eeprom unlock Ok, write immo off eeprom OK, chk OK
Edc16c31 Read write over obd fast and without problems.
Opel Zafira Delco E98 AdBlue OFF
Jaguar S-type 2.7v6 Siemens SID201 via OBD, success EGR OFF, read/write + checksum ok
EDC15C3 (bench)– from Renault Laguna/ Read/Write OK
EDC15C13 (bench) — from Espace IV/ Read/ Write OK
EDC16CP33 (bench)–> not recognized From Laguna II
Read full backup edc17c42 Renault traffic 1.6 dci 2015 and write stage 1 ok in bench mode
Volvo v50 Sid803A Reading and writing fulsystem ok
Alfa 159 EDC16C39 Bench Read all / Write all Ok
Suzuki swift 2011 bench IMMO OFF, BOSCH Ecu r/w cks manual
Volvo EDC16c34 bench R/W clone flash/eeprom after Ecu bricked through BDM cks manual
Opel Astra H read ME 7.6.1 programmed with opcom
MB 220CDI BLUETEC CRD3.X read/write successfully through obd (ADBLUE off). Read 10min/write 30min+. Ignition voltage 12.4v-12.6v
Audi A4 2.0TDI EDC17CP20 R/W through OBD easy
EDC16C1 E+F R/W OK – bench ok.
EDC15C4 Full Flash R/W OK – obd-bench with 12v.
GS8.60 R/W OK – BOOT Mode
GM. E39A removed active grill shutter from vehicle and dtc fixed and wrote back perfect!
Opel Zafira B 2006 1.9dti EDC16C9 Bench R/W chk ok
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter EDC7C4 dpf+egr off reading writing ok
BMW Bosch edc16c35 read /write all bench ok
EDC16C34 PSA 2010r. READ FLASH 2MB EGR OFF Flash writte OK bench
Mahindra,Tata MD1CS018 ecu Read and write By FoxFlash Spc58 Processor Type.
EDC17CP45 DDE 8 578 183 BMW F10 BENCH, read write OK, BOSCH 0281030767
SIMOS 18.1 BOOT with password read write OK, PASSAT B8 1.8 TSI 2019.
Edc17c60 PSA BENCH,Read, Write, Cks by tool,Tprot off by tool,car Start
MJD9DF map + egr, reading and writing ok Jtag
Fiat schedule 2014 delfi 3.5 can dtc off R/W ok
All work fine!!! And the first job citroen MEV17.4.2 read,write in bench mode ok!!!
Fiat scudo delfi 3.5 can obd dtc off R/W + cs ok
Astra K 1.6 cdti 110HP Delco E98 v2 Checksum, Flash R/W, Stage 1, Car start & drive
Toyota corolla EDC17C47 DPF OFF R/W CS OK PERFECT
fiat freemont edc17c49 egr off read(5 minute) write(50 seconds) chks(lsuite) with foxflash windows 10 ssd 16gb ram
Peugeot 208 MEV17.4.2 READ MOD WRITE
Peugeot Expert 2017r DCM 6.2A, Read by OBD OK, Write by OBD OK, Adblue off , Checksum by Winols
Opel Delco E98 update, Writing ok, tool, Car start and drive, 13.6 V
2003 Audi A3 2.0tdi EDC16U1 r/w done via OBD 2min read, 2:30min write, Checksum done by tool
Toyota Auris 1.4 D4D edc17c47 no problem R/W ok, Checksum ok, DPF off
MJD9DF map + egr, reading and writing ok Jtag
MB crd.11 OM648 Jtag ok
VW EDC17C54 ID OK, Read All OK, Write Flash Stage1 & EGR OFF OK, Checksum OK
Volvo C70 T5 Turbo – ME7 Full system read/write
Fiat EDC 17C79 bench r/w OK
BMW 7 SERIES MSD 85.0 ECU TRICORE BOOT MODE read all OK but have to read as MSD85.1
Flash play and eprom on mjd6f3. Ultra fast.
2014 Mercedes W204 C220 CDI CRD3.1 r/w in bench 3min read time 7min write time. Job done and customer happy!
BMW F30 MEVD17.2.4 read write OK!
R/w of MEC 93 370 (Nissan Qashqai) with MEC 92 protocol. I got a false contact generated on the usb cable again. Very happy with the tool.
Daf XF 106 euro 6 2015 : r/w obd, chks by tool, Read 20min , Write 5min
Iveco EDC16C39 read and write ok
DCU 101 Ford Transit 2.2 d reading uploading checksum program Ok EGR off
Kia Rio 1.1 crd Dcm 3.7ap… Read write and Fap off. Work good
Opel insignia 2014.Edc17c59, Read bench, Write stage 1, cks foxflash
Ford edc16c3 R/W immo OFF
Reading writing edc16c34. In obd. 5 min read. Writing. 4 minutes. Waiting 3 minutes and waiting 3. So. Writing. 10 mins.
Edc17c08 Read bench, Write stage 1, cks foxflash, Car start and drive
Bmw edc17c56 full backup bench
Renault Scenic3 SID305 TC1766 boot mode R/W eeprom ok
Nissan Pathfinder R&W ok (DPF/AGR Off) 2.5 Diesel
Subaru XV R&W ok (DPF/AGR Off ) 2.0 Diesel
BMW F01 zf8hp obd read ok
Mercedes Delphi 3.3x Bench Read/Write
I’ve made several of Volvo Denso MB279700 ECU’s and everything works wonderfully. Just follow the foxflash instructions: read file 15 min, unlock ECU 10sec , and write file 10 min.
psa sid208 password read threw obd read write in boot mode checksum done by tool stage 1 dpf off van starts
seat dec17c46 read /write chk bench mode egr off perfect
Ford Transit Custom 2.2TDCI SID 208 R/W OBD Perfect
Passat 2011, 2.0, edc 17cp04 read write successful
HITACHI Mec 93 reading / writing.
Fiat Edc17c69 in bench ok
Bosch ME 7.5 Full R/W , Stage1 all OK
Dcu17cp42 nissan/mercedes Adblue unit Read/write ok on bench! Quick read and write
Seat Leon EDC16U31 by OBD Id/R/W ok Chk ok
Mercedes gearbox VGS2-NAG2 read ok, write ok
Renault Delphi DCM 1.2 ST10F280 BOOT MODE R/W CHKS OK
Opel insignia 2.0 cdti EDC17C19, READ FLASH, on bench, Electronic System Repair DPF EGR FLAPS STAGE 1
Volvo c30 2.0hdi Sid803a Full mode R/W CS auto OK
Chrysler 300C EDC16CP31 Read bench full (virtual eepprom flash), Dtc off, Write flash
Renault Master 2016 SID309 R/W OBD perfect !
2006 Lamborghini Gallardo ECM – MC32xxx in JTAG mode
PEUGEOT 607 EDC15 C2 plug 3 Bench READ ok, write OK, checksum by foxflash
BMW 530d edc16c31 R/W ok via OBD
Mercedes GLA 200d Delphi CRD3.E1 Bench, ID ok, read ok, write ok, checksum ok, stage1, car start
Škoda superb 2016. 2.0 TDI. Stage 1. ECD17C74 Read ok, write ok, checkum ok
Renault ECU MD1CP004 and TCU TCMDL501 works great
Mercedes s class w221 vmax off stage1 283hp read and write via obd with no problems.
Edc17c49 Fiat Freemont.. Bench mode read and write ok
Full system denso mb112300 R/W ok Chks by fox
VW Passat B6 EDC17CP14 R/W OBD ! Works great !
Renault MD1CS006 Bench Read OK Write OK
Opel edc17c59 BENCH Read ok, Write ok, Cks ok
MB W205 1.6CDI Bench R/W OK
BMW E91 EDC17CP09 READ Int Flash Micro ok, External Flash ok, eeprom ok
BMW E91 330xd 245 HP EDC17CP09 BENCH READ, WRITE (Stage 1 310 HP, 680 NM, Checksum done with WinOLS), Car starts fine
BMW E65 745D EDC16CP35 Bench mode Read ok, Write ok, Checksum ok
Volvo 1.6D EDC16C34 Bench mode Read ok, Write (Mod) ok, Checksum ok
Fiat ducato 2.3 Mjd 8F3 Full system bench read ok, write ok, checksum ok, starts
Hyundai ix35 2.0CRDI 2010 EDC17C08 Read bench ok Write bench ok
Mercedes EDC17CP57 Bench R/W OK
Mercedes Delphi CRD3.3x Bench R/W ok,OBD Read ok
VW EDC16 U34 (bench mode) extFlash + eeprom Read Write OK
Fiat Scudo 1.6 90 CP EDC16C34 R/W OK OBD
Nissan Navara D40 2.5 r/w ok, dpf egr off, chk ok, car start nicely
VW MED 9.1 (bench mode) extFlash + eeprom, Read Write OK
Octavia 1.8T ME 7.5 (Pin connection) Flash + eeprom, Read Write OK
Stage1 Ford Smax ECU EDC17CP39 en mode bench R/W Ok
Flexfuel E85 Ford fiesta 1 ecoboost ecu MED17.0.7 en mode bench R/W ok
EDC16CP33 Renault Trafic bench mode r/w ok
Reading and Writing Nissan Qashqai Hitachi MEC 93 370 J10 Series in Jtag and Boot Mode.
BMW EDC17CP02 Bench job ID ok, read ok, write ok, checksum ok
Volvo ME7 T5 Full system (no chks)
VW crafter 2013r EDC17C54 Read bench Write obd DPF EGR stg 1
Chrysler 300C EDC16CP31 Read bench full (virtual eepprom flash) Dtc off, Write flash
Denso 39199-4ADNO Hyundai Reading and Writing. With box Bench
Edc17C64 reading & writing ok
Ducato 9DF OBD Virtual read – OK Normal read – OK, Write – OK
Reading and writing eprom edc15c2 psa a pin. Immo off
Edc17C84 R/W ok Bench !Manual Chks! Not work when calculated by fox.
Edc17C60 R/W Ok Bench. !Manual checksum!
MERCEDEZ BENS C-AMG Bosch ME 2.8.1 BOOT Read Write
Mercedes ML280 cdi, edc16cp31 read ok, write ok, checksum with tool ok
Fiat Stilo EDC16C8 Bench Reading & Writing OK
BMW edc17cp45 bench r/w ok
Case/NH – edc17cv41 bench r/w ok
Case md1cs069 read(just for testing) ok
VW dcm6.2v – VR/write ok. Checksum by tool
Psa dcm 6.2c for testing in boot mode – r/w ok
MB e350 – edc17cp10 with internal flash which can’t be done obd – bench r/w ok
Vauxhall/Opel 2012 Delco E83 DTC off. Read ok, write ok, checksum ok, all done by tool.
John Deere 6155M 2018m r/w obd stage1 egr dpf adblue off cks tool.
Peugeot Boxer 2.0HDI 96KW Delphi DCM6.2C OBD Work read and write checksum OK
mev17.4 reading & writing ok
Audi EDC16U34 R/W ok
Mercedes C class w203 200 cdi Edc16 c2 Read – OK, Write – OK, Checksum – OK
Iveco edc16c39 bench, first pinout, all ok
Citroen Jumper SID208 OBD Password read OK BOOT MODE Read OK Write OK
Volvo S60 EDC16C31 Read ok Write ok Checksum ok
Mercedes E200 md1cp001 Read Write Bench mode Checksum by tool
Bmw 2019 X5 xdrive 3.0 d Md1cp002 Stage 1 read-write was successfully
Citroen Edc17c10 bench all ok.
Bench Volvo EDC17CP48 Read, write (checksum in Winols)
Bench Audi EDC17CP44, Read, write (checksum in Winols)
Fiat Qubo 9df hw001 Reading time 2.40H, Lay down in full system, Written in obd 10min (fullsystem writing not allowed), Dpfoff Scroff
VW Edc17cp14 r/w oki checksum oki EGR off
tested trw ems2.2 works tested today.
Peugeot mev17.4 reading & writing ok
2019 vauxhall vivaro 1.5dci Bosch MD1CS003 bench read approx 2 minutes, did dpf off with manual checksum, write was quicker.
had to drop voltage to 12.3 to read, All good
Ford Focus EcoBlue 1.5 Diesel Bosch MD1CS005 ECU, Stage 1, Clone edc 16c39 Alfa Mito… Read flash and eprom and write. All ok
EDC17C60 CITROEN CHAMPION Reading & Writing OK
EDC16C3 PSA 1.4 HDI R/W ok by OBD, Checksum ok by the tool,Starting up the vehicle ok
EDC 17C74 Skoda SUPER B read ok, checksum ok
Jeep Cherokee TCU 9HP READ/WRITE
2019 vauxhall vivaro. Edc17c84 on bench no ptoblem. R/W ad blue solution.
Today Bosch EDC17cp54 r/w bench . Without any problems
Read and Write pcr2.1 for VW POLO 1.6 TDI, EGR OFF ok !
Mercedez Benz C-AMG Bosch ME2. 8.1 Boot Read ok Write ok
MED 17.4.2 (DS/CITROEN) READ/WRITE CS by tool…
Nissan juke 1.5 dci… Sid307 read and write ok by obd
Audi me9.1 R/W ok Chk by fox ok
Audi a6 c6 edc16cp34 bench R/W ok Chk by fox ok
MB112300-2552 R/W ok Chk by fox ok
Volvo EDC16c31 Read ok Write ok Cck ok
Audi Q5 3.0 Tdi 240 ECU: EDC17CP14 Stage 1 file recovery (ABT reprogrammed car), Bench Reading ok, Bench Writing ok, Checksum foxflash ok. Kick-off
VW Passat B8 2015 EDC17C74 OBD Read OK OBD Write OK
Opel Zafira C 1.6 CDTI 136 HP, Delco E98 OBD Read, OBD Write, Bench Read, Bench Write, Checksum Calculated
R/W done Delphi MT86 WITH TC1766.
Renault Traffic 1.6dci 115hp 2014 Ecu Bosch EDC17C42. Read/write by obd (checksum manual). Stage 1 +EGR OFF
Opel GM ME1.5.5 Method: OBD, read ID ok, read ok, write ok.
Ford – MD1CS005 R/W/CHCK = OK method: BENCH
GM/Opel ME7.6.1 ID, Read ok, Write ok
Ford Cmax 1.6 tdci… Sid807… Red and write obd ok
Mazda CX 5 2016 OBD worked 100%, manually calculated checksum
Audi Q5 2016 EDC17C64 read/write checksum by fox all ok
Peugeot 607 EDC15C2 r/w Ok
Renault Master 2.5DCI – EDC 16 C36 read ok, wr ok
EDC17C60 citroen c4 cactucs 2016 done with fox flash automatic checksum+tprotoff
MED9.5.10 OBD Read Write FoxFlash checksum
EDC16C39 OBD Read Write Winols checksum
Lucas Mems 3 Read Write Foxflash checksum
EDC17C41 Bench Box Read Write Winols checksum
Simos PCR2.1 Bench Box Read Write Foxflash Checksum
MG1CS111 Bench Box Read Write Winols Checksum
EDC16C34 Bench Box Read Write Foxflash Checksum
CRD3 Bench Box Read Write Foxflash Checksum
EDC16U1, EDC16C39 Bench box and OBD Read Write Foxflash Checksum
EDC17C10 PSA Bench Box Read Write Foxflash Checksum
EDC16U34 OBD Read Write Foxflash Checksum
VW PASSAT 2017 EDC 17 C64 read ok wr ok cheksum manual
2016 Range Rover Evoque 2.0 ED4 MEDC 17.9 Bench Read OK Bench Write OK Checksum Tool OK
Marelli 602 y6 Suzuki ddis 1.3 Read pinout OK Write pinout OK Checksum ok
Opel astra j ACDELCO E87 Dpf egr off Read and write ok
Edc16c34 PSA full read just over 3 minutes Write 51sec checksum by winols
Volvo s60 2.4d EDC15c11 BOOT R/W OK checksum manually
AUDI A6 4F 2.7 TDI 180 HP EDC16CP34 READ OBD OK (14 Minutes), Write Stage 1 OBD OK (4 Minutes), Checksum with LSuite, Car Starts Fine
BMW E91 330xd 245 HP EDC17CP09 Read (ALL) ok, Write Stage 1 (320 HP 680 NM) ok, Checksum done with WinOLS, car starts fine
Read gpec4lm Jeep Renegade
ECU Fiat 10GF, In protocol 9gf was selected. Read/Write Flash
VW POLO 2013 ECU PCR 2.1, Unloked 3 min , Read/WR Ok, cks manual
Hyundai excavator Robex 140-7A, Mitsubishi engine ECU clone read and write ok by fox
MED 17.5.20 read written successfully today!
ME17.9.11 kia boot ok
VW Touran 2.0 tdi EDC16U1 – bench-read/write Flash/eprom -everything OK
Renault Scenic 3 with Sid305. Read and write obd very fast.
Opel full system delco e87 Read/write ok Chk by fox ok
Nissan Qashqai sid305 read/write obd
Ford MD1CS005 Bench R/W Ok, AdBlue Off
BMW F10 530D 245 HP EDC17CP45 Read (Int. Flash and Eeproom), Write (Stage 1 + AGR OFF), Car Starts Fine, Chk done with WinOLS
Peugeot 208 2019 Md1cs003 Read ok,Write ok,Cheksum ok
Ford Focus 1.5T 180ch Continental EMS2511 Conversion Flexfuel, OBD Reading, OBD Writing,Checksum Fox Flash, Start up ok
Audi SQ5 3.0tdi 326ch ECU: EDC17CP44 stage1, bench read ok, write ok, checksum with fox, car starts
BMW X3 35D 306ch ECU: EDC17CP45 Stage1, bench read ok, write ok, checksum with fox, car starts
VW Tiguan 2.0 tdi 190 ECU EDC17C74 Stage1, bench read ok, write ok, checksum with fox, car starts
VW Golf 7 2016 EDC17CP44 read ok, write ok, checksum manually
Denso Toyota Rav4 on Jtag ok
Citroen Jumper 2.2 2020 Dcm7.1b, Read ok, Write ok
EDC17C84 Opel vivaro 2018 with system adblue. with module 71
EDC17C74 Bench R/W, Stage 1, Audi Q5 Quattro 2018
Mercedes c205d w205 -2016 read right on bench checksum by the tool Delphi crd3 plus A0 stage 1 plus 290 bhp all ok
VW TIGUAN 2015 EDC17C46 rw/wr bench ckx by fox
Edc17c84 Renault bench Read OK 5'min, write OK 1'min, Checksum OK
Opel Combo EDC17C69 Bench Read OK,Write OK, Chk by tool
Citroen Jumper HDI, DCM6.2c, read write OBD, checksum, success.
Mercedes VGS3 successfully read code with FoxFlash.
Ford Focus C-Max 80 KW 2005 EDC16C34 Read OBD ok, Write DTC OFF + AGR OFF OBD ok (After 100% you have to Turn Ignition Off and wait for 3 Minutes, after that you have to turn Ignition On for 3 Minutes an wait, Write will be complete) Checksum done by L-Suite, Car Starts Fine
Mercedes Benz 1.8 diesel…. Crd 3x… Read write ok. Write in 22 minutes
MB SPRINTER 2019 CRD3P.B0 rw/wr ok, bench metod, cks fox
Iveco Daily 2.3M-Jet 126ps EDC16C39 OBD Read OBD Write, Chk
Renault trafic 2 2.0dci 115hp 2013 R/W OBD
Dacia Lodgy 2016 EDC17C84 bench metod, rw/wr ok, cks by Fox
Bmw Edc17c50.. Read and write on bench… Cheksum manually
Psa dcm6.2a read/write ok throw obd. Check sum by tool ok
Ww Tiguan 2.0 tdi… EDC17CP46. Read and write obd ok.. Cheksum by tool
Mercedes w447 edc17c66 Read write on bench Checksum corected by tool
Skoda octavia siemens ppd Read write obd ok Checksum corected by tool all ok
Opel Corsa Easytronic Read Write OK.
Denso Dyna 4.0d sh76f0039agd lot of work, but foxflash works well again
Peugeot Edc17c10 on bench read ok write ok chks by tool.
Fiat edc16c39 on bench read ok write ok chks by tool.
Chevrolet Camaro ACDelco 39a read write obd ok
VW ME7.5 read and write all ok
Read /write MAN edc17cv42
Citroen jumper dcm7.1b – r/w
Audi A6 4F 2.7 TDI EDC17CP14 Read: int.Flash, ext.Flash, eeprom,Write: ext.Flash, Checksum by Foxflash
Volvo SH72546 read unlock bench, write obd, Checksum fox
Toyota Denso 175822-762, read obd write obd, Checksum fox
Edc17c54 Audi A3 8v 1.6 tdi 81kw/110hp OBD Read/write ok (little long to write)
Edc17c50 BMW x3 2013 read write ok, manual checksum by tuner.
Edc17c41 BMW 520d -2011 read write ok, manual checksum by tuner.
Edc15c7 Peugeot boxer Full Read/write ok.Immo off.Checksum manual.
ME 17.9.71 Read ok, write ok, checksum ok
Medc 17.9 Jaguar Read ok, little more than 5min Written ok, 1min.30seg, checksum by tool
Suzuki sx4 scross 1.0 boosterjet 112hp 2018 Med17.9.63 tc1793, Read and write by bench , Do cks correction by foxflash.
2012 Discovery 4 (EDC17 CP11) successfully read, DPF and EGR delete, checksum FoxFlash. All OK.
DCM3.7AP , Doosan Bobcat r/w ok Need cks and EGR off pls
PSA Mev17.4.2 R/W ok cheksum by tool mode Bench
Continental Simos PCR 2.1 read/write bench, Cks by tool
Immo off edc15c7 read and write Checksum by lsuite
Mjd 8f3 bench Reading ok, writing ok, cKs Ok
Alfa Giulia 2.2 jtdm, Edc17c69. Read and write ok! Cheksum by myself
Dodge 2015 Continental Gpec2A R/w done
PSA Dcm7. 1A R/w is ok,Chks ok by tool
Peugeot Boxer Dcm6.2C Motorola freescale Bam
Audi MD1CP004 Bench Read OK Write OK,Chk by Fox
Jaguar F-Pace 3.0D 300ch Stage 1, EDC17CP55, Bench reading ok, writing ok, Checksum Foxflash ok
Successfully read the 2016 Discovery Sport EDC17 CP42 via OBD. Time for some.major engine mods.
Mercedes edc17cp57 bench read ok, write ok, chks by tool okay.
VW Transporter T6 2.0tdi Delphi dcm6.2 ID, VR read, Write, checksum by tool.Adblue off, all by fox OBD
VW Tiguan 2013 EDC17C46 rw/wr bench, cks Fox
Vw Golf 6 edc17c46 Read/write bench mode Checksum foxflash
Bmw 318d F30 2013 105kW EDC17C50 Read OK, Write OK,Checksum OK
Opel Insignia 2.0 cdti 2016r. DELCO E98.ADBLUE R/W Bench
Suzuki Swift 1.2 hybrid 90cv ECU ME17.9.64 on bench Read flash and eeprom, Write flexfuel E85, Checksum by tools
Vauxhall Movano stage1 DPF off edc17c11 infineon tricore bench mode read write ok
Iveco Daily 2011 Edc16 C39 Read write ok, Cks by fox flash
RaceBike Suzuki GSX-R 600 Read ok, Write tuned file, manual checksum
Lancia Musa 1.3cdti egr of checksum by fox
SID807evo Boot read, boot write, Chks -tool
Ford Fiesta EDC16C34 Virgin+Mod, checksum Well Done
edc16cp34 vw crafter bdm. Read write all work fine .
VOLVO V70 2010 2.4D D5 EDC17CP22 Bench R/W OK Chk by FoxFlash OK
Mt09 tracer writing no checksum, it works
Opel Insignia EDC17C18 Read, Write, Chks
Psa DCM6.2C ecu done perfect in boot mode Wrote adblue delete and stage 1 Chks corrected by tool
Edc17u1 read/write ok
Audi Q7 edc17cp54 – r/w ok, cks by tool
Med 17.7.2 Mercedes Read Write, Checksum Fox
MB W213 E350cdi EDC17CP57 R/W ok Cheksum ok (by Fox)
Audi Edc17cp14 read/write obd
Peugeot 208 EDC17C10 R/W bench all OK
Audi A5 TFSI 2011 stage1 E85 ecuMED17.1 Reading writing /bench,checksum by master check in manual
Edc17c74 a3 8v 2.0tdi 180hp OBD Read and write, Cks by fox
VW Jetta MED 9.5.10 OBD Read ~40 min, OBD Write ~10 min
BMW e90 EDC16C35, Obd read/Write, Cks by Fox
Mitsubishi L200 2.5D 2008 read and write ok
Volvo SID206 OBD Read OK Write OK Chk by FOX
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 multiair 170KM TURBO. Magneti Marelli 8GMF. The flash read took 1 SECOND. Big surprise but correct reading, 2048kb file, original.
Smart 2010 EDC 16 C32 rw/wr ok bench cks by Fox
MB EDC17CP46 Read and write bench mode.Checksum by foxFlash
EDC17C53 Kia Optima 1.7crdi Read and write bench ok, checksum Foxflash ok
BMW EDC16CP35 R/W obd
Audi A4 ECU MED17.5.25,  Read and write successfully, Checksum by FF
BMW EDC17C41 read and write modified file,checksum corrected by FoxFlash
Bench Edc17c10 psa read (epprom+flash) and Write epprom and flash ( immo off + egr off) checksum ok By foxflash
Opel insignia 2.0 2016 Delco E98 – Bench – Read/Write OK Flash Epprom ! checksum OK – adblue off
Bench Edc17c60 read all Write all adblue off and fap off checksum ok by fox
Iveco Daily 2014 EDC17C49 Stage1 / DPF off read and write Bench ok
DCM3.7 VW Polo read and write OBD ok
Volvo VM edc7uc31 Conect OK Read ALL OK, Write ALL OK,
Sid 310 renault BOOT Find password ok, read ok, write ok
BMW EDC17C41 read and write modified file / checksum corrected by FoxFlash
EDC15P+ Golf 4 foxflash fullsystem is good, read/write flash and eeprom
Edc17c41 BMW bench r/w , manual checksum
Edc17c50 BMW bench r/w, manual checksum
Toyota auris 2.0D -08 vr obd r/w, checksum fox
Volvo v60 -14 vea engine MB279700 read bench/unlock write obd ok checksum fox
edc17c46 passat 2.0tdi r/w vr obd , checksum fox
Edc17c46 tiguan 2.0 r/w bench , checksum fox
Edc17cp54 amarok 3.0 v6 r/w bench, checksum fox
Today read mg1cs201 bmw m340i full read without problem
Med 17.7.7 r&w foxflash checksum
EDC17C66 r&w foxflash checksum
MD1CS201 read
MAN EDC7C32 obd R/W
MAN DCU15 boot R/W
Volvo TRW EMS2.2 bench R/W eeprom & flash ok
VW TRANSPORTER T5 1.9 Edc16u31 Read/write OBD OK CKS by FF
Renault T EU6 TRW EMS2.3 bench ok ACM EU6 jtag ok
Mercedes Actros Mcm 2.1 R/w all ok Checksum by foxflash
EDC17C08 Hyundai I40 DTC off bench
Delphi DCM6.2V ALL OBD VR READ/write Checksum OK EVERYTHING is Well
Delphi ecu’s is Ok with obd, edc17cp74 1.6 diesel only in bench mode
Audi A3 8p 2.0 tdi 140 until 2009 EDC17CP14 Read/write OBD FF OK Auto CKS FF OK
BMW G30 520d MD1CS001 R/W ok bench mode
Dacia Dokker 2019 MD1CS006 read ok, write ok, checksum ok
Mercedes edc16cp31 all 3 way ok
Vag edc16u34 & edc17cp14 obd r/w ok
Ford focus 1.8 TDCI 115 Sid202 Read obd ok, Write obd ok, Suppression egr ok
Hyundai sonata ecd16c39 R/W by foxflash
Golf 6 1.6 tdi 105 pcr2.1, Unlock via obd, Egr off checksum foxflash obd
Seat toledo 2 EDC15V- R/W ok.Checksum by tuner
Opel astra j acedelco E87  Dtc off Read and write ok Checksum by fox
MSD80 BMW Password Read Write All ok
Sirius 32  Read flash ok Write flash OK Eeprom ok
MEV17.4 PSA ok
PSA EDC17C10 on bench read/write all OK
ford ranger xezel 2.7 read 9 minutes write 4 mitutes all ok
Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI CR 170 hp EDC17C46 – R/W obd mod adblue off
Audi A3 2.0 TDI CR 140 hp EDC17C46 – R/W obd mod stage 1
VW Golf 7 Delphi DCM6.2 – obd VR/W checksum by tool
VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI CR 2012y 140 hp edc17cp14 bench R/W perfect
Audi A4 B8 2.0 TDI CR 2010y 239 hp with tuning protection edc17cp14 – bench R/W perfect
peugeot md1CS003 R/W bench checksum ok
bmw msd81.2 R/W obd chk ok
Opel Vectra C 1.9 cdti edc16c9 bench R/W OK
Peugeot Partner 1.6 HDI EDC17C60 bench R/W OK
Peugeot 508 1.5 HDI MD1CS003 bench R/W OK
Peugeot 208 1.4 HDI EDC17C10 bench R/W OK
psa edc17c60 bench R/W ok
psa md1cs003 bench R/W ok
psa sid803a bench R/W ok
opel edc17c59 bench R/W ok
psa edc17c10 bench R/W ok
psa mev17.4 bench R/W ok
dcm6.2 vw t6 2.0 obd ok
ASTON MARTIN VENTAGE 4.0T V8Stage 1, MED17.7.5, R/W checksums ok
Peugeot 307 1.6 HDi 109hp EDC16C34 via OBD, Reading – ~2min,Writing – ~2min 30sec
Peugeot 2008 1.5 BlueHDi 100cv 2009 MD1CS003 read, write, checksum on bench, adblue off
Volkswagen Golf MK6 1.6 TDI PCR2.1 via bench, Unlocking by bench, Reading (all backup) – ~2min, Writing (int flash) – ~3min, Chks by tool
Audi A6 edc16u31 read and write ok!!
Delphi DCM6.2 PSA obd read and write ok!!!
Edc17c60 PSA read and write bench ok!!!
VW Passat 1.9 ECU Bosch 03G906021LR | EDC16U34 OBD read/write OK
Renault Megane MD1CS006 Read Write Bench OK Adblue off CHK by foxflash
Opel Vivaro 2016 1.6 CDTI 116hp Bosch EDC17C42 Read/Write OBD Stage1/DPF off
Ford mustang V8 2012 420hp siemens 5wy8 read ok in obd write
VAG BOSCH EDC17C64 Read/Write OK
BMW F1 730d EDC17CP09 R/W BENCH CHK Foxflash OK

EDC16U1 bench full RW
EDC16U34 bench full RW
EDC16U31 vw – the crazy additive diesel (BRT) bench full RW (OBD not possible but KESS worked OK)
EDC17C64 vw bench full RW
EDC17C46 vw bench full RW, then tested OBD flash too , only with VR – but finally it also succeeded. Long time WR – 18 minutes
EDC15C2 Suzuki OBD (Flash only)
EASYTRONIC TCM Opel, Ford bench Flash R/W boot
EDC17C56 BMW F25 bench full RW OK *VR file OBD read impossible because file not in database.
EDC17C74 Bench full RW include checksum works OK
EDC17C79 Jeep Grand Cherokee full RW include checksum works OK
SIEMENS PCR2.1 Bench full RW include checksum works OK
SIEMENS PPD1.2 Bench full RW include checksum works OK
EDC17CP46 Mercedes BlueMotion Bench full RW include checksum works OK
EDC17CP04 Audi Q7 CASA engine Bench full RW include checksum works OK
EDC16C39 Hyundai Bench full RW include checksum works OK, OBD read tested too OK
EDC17C57 Hyundai I30 – Bench full RW include checksum works OK
TCM ZF 9HP Jeep, Fiat, Dodge – BDM full RW include checksum works OK
DELPHI MT80  (Geely, Chevrolet) full read boot / warning there is a mistake in the circuit hint. Solved, works fine now.
DENSO with NEC76F0038GD 175822-773 Toyota  – FULL JTAG R|W OK
SIEMENS SID801 – Citroen Berlingo – BENCH R/W both FL+EEP works like a charm
TCM DCT250 DC4 – Getrag, renault DSG – Bench full RW include checksum works OK
EDC16C34 PSA – bench full RW
VW golf 7 1.6tdi 105cv 2016 EDC17C64 TC1797 Bench read eeprom/flash, write flash, Checksum ok, Stage 1
Ford C-Max 2.0 TDCi 136hp SID803 via OBD Reading – ~40s Writing – ~1min
PSA 2020R DCM7.1A boot. Read/Write ok checksum by tool.
Fiat Ducato 2018r Marelli MJD9DF 2.3JTD 130HP Euro6 read bench write obd.
Peugeot Bipper 2010r 1.4HDi 8HS EDC16C34 read/write bench.
Citroen C5 2008r 2.0HDi 136HP SID803A read/write bench.
Peugeot 407SW 2006r 1.6HDi 110HP EDC16C34 read/write bench.
Audi A4 B7 2.0TDI 140KM BPW EDC16U31 read/write bench.
SsangYong Rodius Delphi DCM3.2 Read and write ok OBD
Alfa giulietta 1.6jtdm 105cv 2012 Edc16c39 in bench Read -> eeprom /flash, write -> flash, Manual Checksum.
Ford mk7 1.5 tdci 75hp edc17c10, OBD R/W all ok except tool can’t checksum. You have to do it manually.
Peugeot 208 1.4 HDi 68cv 8HR EDC17C10 bench read original/write DPF off, checksum by fox.
edc16cp33 and c36 from renault obd and bench read write ok
MD1CP001 mercedes by bench read and write ok
edc15 vag without problem flash and eep on bench read write CKS.
mercedes delphi crd3.1 by obd as fast speed car not start but bench the same connection (without bench module) slow speed all ok, car start read write CKS.
sid803a from volvo flash and eep without open bench.
MD1 from bmw g30 2017y without problem read write CKS bench.
EDC17c46 audi 2012y read VR and write obd.
EDC15c7 iveco read write CKS bench.
Simtec 75 from opel read write CKS flash and eep bench.
done with success Delphi DCM6.2A adblue off PSA all by OBD, read very fast about 1-2 minuts, write ok and also 2 minuts, CKS without problem.
Ford Transit sid208 by OBD read and DPF off write
edc17c60 from PSA read write bench all ok
Bosch Me9 from ford mondeo 2.5 T read perfect eep and flash by bench mode
bosch edc17c50 bmw bench read and write flaps off, with external chk calculation all good
bosch MD1Cs003 bench read 2minutes, write under 1 minute internal chk calculation, all good.
did Mercedes sprinter ecu Delphi crd3 bench no problem other tools won’t read. Like pcm tuner or fc200. They need in boot mode.
tried successfully md1ce101 on bench, edc17cv41 on bench and edc17c49 on bench.
I tried PSA EDC17C10 read/write on bench and work OK …
Dcm6.2 vag obd read write ok!
Dcm6.2a peugeot obd read write ok!
Edc16c34 I use bench for injector codes don’t be lost it’s ok
Md1cs003 bench dog. OK!
Md1cs006 Renault bench ok!
Pcr2.1 wave unlock obd read write obd ok!
Edc16u31 or 34 wave obd ok. !
Crd3 Mercedes bench ok’!
Bmw edc16c31 bench ok!
Mini edc16c35 bench ok!
mg1cs003 bench read write ok
Med17.5.25 obd vr read and write ok
Jeep Edc17c79 read and write all ok
DUCATO MJD9DF Read full mode OK, Write OBD OK, Checksum obd fox OK
simos18.1 read and write boot is working perfect
VW Golf VI Edc17c46 R/W checksum ok
Mercedes ML 280 CDI Ecu EDC16CP31 Read/write by Obd
BOSCH EDC15C6 – MERCEDES – OBD – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC17C60 – PSA – BOOT – Reading & Writing
DENSO 23710 – NISSAN – BENCH – Reading & Writing
BOSCH MD1CS003 – PSA – BENCH – Reading & Writing
MARELLI IAW5NF. T9 – FIAT – OBD – Reading & writing
BOSCH EDC17C10 – PSA – BENCH – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16C34 – PSA – BENCH – Reading & Writing
DELPHI CRD3.30 – MERCEDES – BOOT – Reading & Writing
SIEMENS SID807 EVO – PSA – BOOT – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16CP33 – RENAULT- BENCH – Reading & Writing
SIMOS PCR2.1 – VOLKSWAGEN – BOOT – Reading & Writing
DELPHI DCM3.5 – PSA – OBD – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC17CP37 – TOYOTA – BOOT – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC17C49 – MITSUBISHI – BENCH – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16CP39 – PSA – BENCH – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16C32 – MERCEDES – OBD – Reading & Writing
DELPHI DCM6.2A – PSA – OBD – Reading & Writing
SIEMENS SID803A – FIAT – OBD – Reading & Writing
BOSCH ME7.4.4 – PSA – OBD – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC15C2 – PSA – BOOT – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16C3 – PSA – BENCH – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16C39 – HYUNDAI – BENCH – Reading & Writing
DENSO SH12 – MAZDA – OBD – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC17CP04 – AUDI – BENCH – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16CP35 – BMW – BENCH – Reading & Writing
BOSCH MEV17.4.2 – PSA – BOOT – Reading & Writing
SIEMENS SID208 – FORD – BOOT – Reading & Writing
CONTINENTAL EMS3110 – RENAULT – BOOT – Reading & Writing
BOSCHEDC17C42 – RENAULT – OBD – Reading & Writing
BOSCH EDC16U31 – AUDI – BENCH – Reading & Writing
PSA dcm6.2C Boot
Ford Sid209 boot
Toyota Denso 76F00 most Obd ( if have VR)
VAG Edc17cp14, cp20, cp44, c64, c74 obd tested
Honda edc17c10 bench
Opel Zafira psg16 obd
Opel edc16c39 bench
MB edc17cp01, cp10, cp57 all bench
BMW EDC17CP02 OBD and Bench
BMW EDC17C06 OBD and Bench
BMW EDC17C41 Bench
BMW EDC17C76 Bench
BMW EDC16 All ok Bench and OBD
Mercedes EDC17CP46 Bench
Mercedes EDC16CP31 Bench
PSA EDC17C60 Bench
PSA EDC17C10 Bench
GM Delco E39A OBD
VAG EDC17CP20 Bench
VAG SImos 8.x OBD
Ford EDC16C34 OBD
Ford EDC17C10 Bench
Ford DCM3.5 OBD
Fiat Ducato 2018r Marelli MJD9DF 2.3JTD 130HP Euro6 read bench write obd
Peugeot Bipper 2010r 1.4HDi 8HS EDC16C34 read/write bench
Citroen C5 2008r 2.0HDi 136HP SID803A read/write bench
Peugeot 407SW 2006r 1.6HDi 110HP EDC16C34 read/write bench
Audi A4 B7 2.0TDI 140KM BPW EDC16U31 read/write bench
Mercedes Actros 2016 read/write bench
DAF XF 106 2013 read/write obd
Ford Focus SID807 evo read/write obd
Ford Focus SID 807 read/write obd
Audi a6 c7 EDC17c64 read/write bench
Jaguar F-Pace 2018 MEDC17.9 read/write bench
Mazda CX-5 2016 2.2 Denso SH01 read/write obd

Keep updating.